As a kid, my Dad was never a fan of Disneyland. I remember seeing photos of our family trips to the “happiest place on earth” and my Dad looking everything but happy. He hates crowds, lines, and waiting, so Disneyland has never stood a chance.

Fast forward 25 years, and you get your Dad taking his two daughters and GRANDDAUGHTER to Disneyland.

You know your dad loves you when…





IMG_6008There was a 3 hour wait to meet Elsa and Anna of Frozen. We ain’t got time for THAT. 



IMG_6058Crusin with Pop Pops.









IMG_6072My first Dole whip. As good as they are cracked up to be. 

IMG_6079I love my family.

IMG_6090Front row parade seats.


IMG_6096Mesmerized by the Disney princesses.


IMG_6097Seeing Elsa made Landyn’s whole year.

IMG_6118Sugar high.


IMG_6134Chocolate face. Sign of a day well spent.


It was the perfect day for all of us. Landyn consumed way too many sweets, I got to try my very first Dole Whip (heaven on earth), and we all got to spend quality time together, just the four of us. I may be bias, but Landyn has the best grandparents around. Love you Dad and Mom.

This was Landyn’s third time at Disneyland and by far the best yet. She is a month shy of 5, and I think this is the age they really grasp the Disney magic. Landyn is already asking to go back, naturally, and I’ve toyed with the idea of a season pass, since we don’t live all that far. When I contimplate something I always go back to how I was raised and for me Disneyland was always a “special” place. A place we’d go for birthday’s, finishing my grueling final exams, graduations. I never want Landyn to take for grantid.


What I learned: Disneyland

What I learned about going to Disney Land for the 1st time “AS A MOMMA”…

1. Never put a 1st time PIN on a 19 month old… say no more!
2. back going limp temper tantrum’s are bound to happen after 10 hours of HAPPY and missed naps.
3. The Peanut Butter and Jelly Momma packed was way better than the $10 hot dog that ended up on the floor.
4. After a day of holding 30 lbs in line, you feel like as though you went back to the gym.
5.  2 adults to 1 baby is the perfect ratio
6.  Seeing Disney Land through “THEIR” eyes, might just be the most magical thing of all.
7. Ice Cream on main street is a sin.
8.  I no longer JUDGE those Parents who put their kids on leashes…It all makes sense and I may jump the band wagon.
9. My sweet girl has NO FEAR WHATS SO EVER!
10.  The delicious smells that linger around each corner may just be Disney’s best advertisement of all.
11. 5 outfit changes are bound to happen
12. Lollipops, churros, cotton candy, and icies are all EXCELLENT choices when trying to entertain two toddlers in long lines.

{never before have I seen so many shapes and sizes}
14.  The balloons are a souvenir must…
15. The Ferris Wheel just before sunset makes for a beautiful photo op
12. A day at Disney Land with your cousin, may just be the most special thing of all.
Kisses for Mickey!