For you Dad…


As a child, I was a total mommy’s girl. I never wanted to leave my mom’s side. My parents split when I was in the second grade, and I remember the attachment to my mom only intensifying. Ironically enough, some of my favorite childhood memories were spent at my Dad’s house. I remember trips to Sea World, camping, Big Bear, lake trips, days at my Dad’s movie set, mornings spent at Paint Pals and Discovery Zone, pool parties, and Eggo waffles for breakfast… all happy things. So I look back and wonder why I had such bad separation anxiety from my Mom. You look back on pictures of me from age 7-12 and I was likely crying or had red eyes. It’s something now, that my Dad and I laugh about.


Somewhere during my high school years, my Dad became my hero. The guy that saved me from my crazy, lost self. The one that took me (and my best friend) in when we had no place to go, no questions asked. The guy that funded my many privileges, even when I was less than deserving. The guy that loved me when I was not very lovable. The one that cried happy tears when I told him he was going to be a Grandpa and watched me get married all in the same month. The guy at my bedside minutes after delivering Landyn with flowers in hand. The one that spoils my sister and I with an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii for a week. The one that saved me from an unhealthy marriage and helped Landyn and I get on our feet. The guy that has a soft side and has cried with me before. The one that makes me laugh harder than anyone can. The guy that is a “guy’s guy” yet ended up with 2 daughters and a grand daughter.



I love you Dad. You are my hero, and I owe it all to you.

And to all those who have lost their Dad, who don’t have a father figure in their lives, and too all the single mom’s that play both roles, you are in my thoughts today. For me, I am counting my blessings.


Fathers Day Weekend Wrap Up

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I am so grateful for the men in our lives.

My dad. The most selfless man I know. My rock. Landyn and I’s example of what it means to be a father.

Josh. His patience. Loving us unconditionally. For showing up. For being that role model without even realizing it.

So thankful.





Landyn and I celebrated my dad today… her pop pops. Boy is that man loved. IMG_1221



IMG_6720dress: So Kate Boutique




Happy Fathers Day to all the awesome dads, grandpa’s, uncles, or anyone that has ever played that role. To all you dad’s here with us today and those we carry in our hearts. We honor you today.

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My Father, Our Hero

My father, My hero.

My rock. My foundation. My backbone.

My shoulder to cry on.

My saving grace. My best friend.

My calm, in the midst of storm.

My confidant.

The most generous soul I have yet to meet.

I credit my dad, for who I am today.

I believe the love we have for our parents,

rubs off onto our children.

Landyn can “feel” the love I have for my dad.

She senses it, and it turn, loves him fierce.

It turns my heart to mush when I see the two of them together.

Watching her wrap herself around his little finger,

just as I did as a little girl,

makes me smile.

I love you Dad.

Not a day goes by, that I don’t thank God for you.

Thank you for being the best Father and Grandfather Landyn and I could ever ask for.

A family tradition: TACOS

Do you have a special family recipe that’s been handed down for generations?
In the Roberts family {my madden name},
our recipe is as simple as TACOS.
My dad was born and raised in Sun Valley, CA.
None the less,
my Grandma was FAMOUS in town for her tacos,
and they were named “Sun Valley” tacos.
My mom made them for us when we were little,
and I have carried on the recipe to my little family.
Want to know the recipe?
It’s embarrassingly simple.
So simple,
that it may in fact be your recipe too.
{I always say that my grandma sprinkled them with LOVE}
Sun Valley Tacos
1 lb ground beef {I substitute ground turkey too}
Lawry’s Seasoning TACO packet
corn tortillas
grated cheese
shredded lettuce
canned refried beans {I prefer the spicy ones}
brown ground beef. add seasoning packet, and 2/3 c water. simmer.
warm beans on stove
heat oil in a small skillet. Place one corn tortilla in hot oil and let cook. Flip, and then fold in half until your tortilla shell is crisp.
Add meat and the fixings to your shell and ENJOY.
And when you spend 30 minutes in the kitchen,
this is what your living space looks like while cooking with a toddler…
Landyn has TRASHED our couch…don’t judge!