As a kid, my Dad was never a fan of Disneyland. I remember seeing photos of our family trips to the “happiest place on earth” and my Dad looking everything but happy. He hates crowds, lines, and waiting, so Disneyland has never stood a chance.

Fast forward 25 years, and you get your Dad taking his two daughters and GRANDDAUGHTER to Disneyland.

You know your dad loves you when…





IMG_6008There was a 3 hour wait to meet Elsa and Anna of Frozen. We ain’t got time for THAT. 



IMG_6058Crusin with Pop Pops.









IMG_6072My first Dole whip. As good as they are cracked up to be. 

IMG_6079I love my family.

IMG_6090Front row parade seats.


IMG_6096Mesmerized by the Disney princesses.


IMG_6097Seeing Elsa made Landyn’s whole year.

IMG_6118Sugar high.


IMG_6134Chocolate face. Sign of a day well spent.


It was the perfect day for all of us. Landyn consumed way too many sweets, I got to try my very first Dole Whip (heaven on earth), and we all got to spend quality time together, just the four of us. I may be bias, but Landyn has the best grandparents around. Love you Dad and Mom.

This was Landyn’s third time at Disneyland and by far the best yet. She is a month shy of 5, and I think this is the age they really grasp the Disney magic. Landyn is already asking to go back, naturally, and I’ve toyed with the idea of a season pass, since we don’t live all that far. When I contimplate something I always go back to how I was raised and for me Disneyland was always a “special” place. A place we’d go for birthday’s, finishing my grueling final exams, graduations. I never want Landyn to take for grantid.


Rolling out summers red carpet

Schools out for the summer so we’ve been rolling out summers red carpet with warm weather activities that follow suit.



The anxiety started rolling in a couple weeks ago when the realization came that I wasn’t going to have my two free mornings per week to dedicate to business. I got into a good groove this past year with balancing single parenting and running two home based businesses. I learned to juggle the balls that go along with both and monopolize on those mornings Landyn was in preschool. But as life goes, things are always changing and rather than letting the anxiety get the best of me, I am soaking up this time with Landyn even if that means temporary sacrifice on my part.




And what better time to embrace change and have some new beginnings then during the summer months. After a year and a half in our little apartment community, we decided to close that chapter next month. This place has been our little home, allowing us to spread our wings just the two of us. While change can be scary, I know this move will be reflective of good things to come. Let the packing begin.






So here’s to sleeping in a little later, ditching the routine, and some fun in the sun.
And thank you for this pre summer like weather California. We sure do love you.

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LOVE for a small town

The past weekend was a whirlwind for me.

Not only did I visit my best friend,

but I got a taste of a different way of life.

A life where things run a little different.

The small town life.

I have hinted before,

but you’ll hear it again…

My heart secretly yearns for this lifestyle.

Something different than what I’ve always known.

A place where REAL seasons exist.

A place that moves a tad bit slower.

           I want Landyn to experience this life.

I want her to know something other than bathing suits and flip flops year round.

To wear coats, run through piles of leaves, and know Friday Night Lights.

 To horseback ride in her backyard.

To experience a snow day.

To have a porch swing.

See the beauty in small town architecture.

Drive down an old dirt road.

A place where money isn’t priority and life is simple.

People are more conservative. Hearts are protected.

California Dreamin’

I am a California girl. Born and raised

I know no different really,

I feel so blessed to call THIS my home

Excellent Mexican food
Beaches and surfing. Expensive cost of living (I am sure we could have bought a mansion in another state)
celebrity sightings.Big purses and sunglasses.
convertibles and SUV’s. HIGH gas prices (I just paid 3.89/gallon)
in and out.

mild seasons. flip flops year round (even in the rain)
Trader Joe’s
crowded freeways
diversity. the beach in January= LOVE!

And I wouldn’t want it any other way…