Greyson’s Birth Story

On December 28, 2017, our hearts tripled in size. Our baby BOY Greyson was born. It was the smoothest delivery yet. Well kind of.


I went in for an induction the morning of December 28th. My doctor promised me a “Nordstroms delivery”, and it was just that. I checked into my room, put on a hospital gown, answered what seemed like one million questions, and got hooked up to some pitocin. The contractions started coming and I immediately asked for an epidural. I had a natural delivery with Landyn (not on purpose) and I knew I would never do that again. I thought getting the epidural administered was the worst part of the whole¬†process.

We started the pitocin around noon and three pushes later, at 4:01 PM, baby Grey was born.


Those hours following any birth are so surreal and slip away SO fast. You want to remember every smell, every sound, every touch, every moment. It so easily becomes a blur with the lack of sleep and flood of emotions. I knew going into this birth, that this would be my last, so it made the whole experience even that more bittersweet.

Around 7:30 that evening, Greyson, Josh, and I settled into our postpartum room. Little did we know this would be the calm before the storm. Around 8pm, I started having bad cramping. The cramps came on like contractions. Timing about 2 minutes apart. I told my nurse and she assured me this was totally normal as cramping intensifies with each birth. A few minutes later, I looked down to see myself sitting in a puddle of blood. I freaked out and called for my nurse. She came in, assessed the situation, called my doctor, and ordered a Methergine injection (used to prevent and control bleeding from the uterus that can happen after childbirth). 5 minutes later, same thing. Blood everywhere. I started to panic. This time my nurse brought in the charge nurse and by this point I was doubled over in pain. I was passing blood clots the size of golf balls. They began weighing each one. Then one larger. The nurses started yelling for help and for someone to call my doctor. They administered another Methergine injection. I was sweating and shaking at the same time. As I laid there helpless, I saw the fear in everyones eyes. The whole mood shifted. It was so heavy on me.

By 9:30, they were able to gain control of my bleeding and I was able to rest assured. They checked my blood counts and ordered me a lot of rest. ¬†The medical termonology defines this condition as a “postpartum hemorrhage”. Has anyone had a similar experience? I know it is super rare.

The days and months following Greyson’s birth have been nothing short of a dream. He has completely stollen our hearts. My baby making days are officially over friends.


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