Landyn’s first day of Kindergarten

The night before Kindergarten, nerves are high. “Im nervous for kindergarten Mommy”, was on repeat. She even went as far as to bust out her writing notebook and favorite pencil to practice her letters one last time before bed. We read one extra story, sang one more song, and snuck in one extra hug. It’s funny how rules are bent and bedtimes are prolonged when emotions are high. Nostalgia tugs at your heart strings and you would freeze time if you could.

IMG_6526snuggle person pillow c/o Love Mich Collection

IMG_6640backpack: Pottery Barn Kids // boots c/o Minnetonka Moccasins

IMG_6642Landyn’s dress: Gap Kids









Day one was a success. She walked out to the pick up line hand in hand with a new friend. It was as if my heart was handed back over, wrapped up in a blanket. Seeing her smile and beam with pride and confidence makes it all worth it.

I’m so excited for my big girl.


  1. Hi Lindsay!

    I love your blog. I just wanted to sweetly let you know that you’re spelling Kindergarten incorrectly.


  2. So precious! Love her little boots!

  3. Baby girl is growing up. I’m so happy she had a wonderful first day of school.

  4. Aw Linds she is the cutest! So happy to hear her first day went great! I think it’s harder on us mommas than it is on our actual kids ha. And SO funny…I read the first comment and I totally spelled Kindergarten wrong in my post title too and would never have even realized if a reader hadn’t sent me an e-mail lol!

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