Approaching our first day of Kindergarden..

They say it all goes so fast. You blink and your baby is off to kindergarden. Before you know it your sending them off to college, and watching them walk down the aisle.


Landyn’s dress c/o Runaway Pony

August 5, 2009 seems like yesterday. A point in time when kindergarden seemed like some far off dream. And now the time has come to let my little girl spread her wings. I’ve been thinking about it for the past few months, trying to let it soak in. Trying to figure out just what sending my only child off to kindergarden means to me.

For me, it’s giving your heart to someone else to protect. It’s sharing your creation of blood, sweat, and tears of the past 5 years and hoping they are gentle with it. You hope that innocence is protected, love is fostered, influences are positive, and hearts are spoken to. You hope creativity is encouraged and this little bit of independence grows them.




Landyn knows things are about to be different. We are branching out from her private preschool that was her comfort zone for the past 3 years. But change is good. She needs it. I need it. There’s already been tears and nervous feelings, and I’m sure Wednesday I will be a teary mess, but that’s what we do. I’m trying to keep my feelings inside and only speak happy things about this transition. Landyn knows that she’s always going to be okay. She knows she’s always safe and taken care of and that security and confidence is what are kids need most. Landyn knows when that bell rings everyday, I will be at the gate waiting for her. She knows she can expect to talk about her day and we will always be her guidance when problems arise.

Does this motherhood thing ever get easier?

Here’s to a successful school year full of new beginnings and growth.


  1. No, you will never get over being a mother, easier? Maybe in a different way. She has a solid foundation and you will watch her bloom before your eyes. What is hard is when they want to do things their way and you don’t think that is a good choice. This is when patience are up over the roof on your part and you need to give her options. Of course those options will be your options that sound like they have made it on their own. As beautiful as she is you worries will be when she becomes a teenager. LOL

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