Being a girl mom…

Being a girl mom means dresses, bows, and patent leather shoes,

an overload of pink because you can, and that shabby chic bedroom you always dreamed of.

It means dance class and dress up, and long ringlet curls.

Being a girl mom means you have a forever best friend and a built in shopping buddy.

{Yes it starts this young}…



And with everything, comes milestones and rites of passage. And opinions…. boy do they let their little voices be heard.

For the past few months, Landyn’s been asking to get her ears pierced. I wasn’t sure if she really wanted them pierced for her, or if she liked it because her two little friends at school had earrings. So we waited it out.

I was a child of the 80s where we were practically born with bling in our ears, but with Landyn it wasn’t something that I cared much about. I wanted to wait until she showed interest and I felt was ready.

And today Landyn and I made a date of it and went down to our mall and got her ears pierced.


You guys, she was beyond ready. She sat in that chair today, picked out her “sparkles” as she calls her earrings, and watched the Claire’s employee prep her completely mezmorised. She had her brave face on and didn’t even shed a tear. I’ve never seen her smile so big. She felt so special and this was exactly what I wanted today to be about. Today was about her and letting her express herself. It gave her a little boost.
This afternoon after I overloaded family with photos of our day, I was talking to Josh about how this girl thing is all I know. I grew up with a sister and my first born is a girl. It’s second nature to me. We talk about future and having a family of our own one day, and naturally he thinks we’d automatically have all boys. And while I know I’d love anything we were blessed with, I wouldn’t even know what to do with boys. For now I am a girl mom. I love reliving my childhood through Landyn’s eyes and I’ll continue to soak up all these girly moments.
So proud of my brave girl.


  1. Oh what a trooper. She is a doll baby and all girl! If you would have a boy you would soon adjust that would be a time that Josh would be a boy dad.

    I wish you had some of this snow, it is so deep and you can’t enjoy it like that.

    God Bless!

  2. Yay Landyn! She looks SO adorable, yet so grown up! I can’t believe she didn’t cry! Go Landyn!!! 🙂 I love being a mommy to two girls, but little boys are awesome too! AND for the record, I have no doubt you and Josh would make a super cute baby boy! 😉

  3. So sweet! My parents made me wait until I was ready too and I’m happy they did. It made me feel all grown up to get my ears pierced at the time 🙂

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