Christmas Spam

Good lord are we cramming in the holiday activities. With one more weekend before Christmas, we are busy spreading holiday cheer. I have yet to send out our holiday cards and I’m no where near finished with my Christmas shopping… but I will get there.


We attended the most magical Christmas party this past weekend filled with Dickens carolers, caroling in the back of a flat bed truck, high school choir performances, Santa, and picturesque decor. Landyn was in absolute heaven. This was the epitome of the Christmas spirt and it felt good to share it with my little family.







Growing up, my parents always made Christmas a magical time for my sister and I. When I think back on the days leading up to Christmas and Christmas morning, I am flooded with happy memories. I can still hear the music boxes on my mom’s snow globes and smell the gingerbread ornaments I made in first grade that adorned the tree. I vision the wreath I made out of a coat hanger and plastic bags that my mom proudly hung in the house. I remember “A very special Christmas” playing on our record player in the background. Record players were a tad before my time, but my mom always broke it out during Christmas time. I remember my momma’s breakfast casserole every Christmas morning. I remember the butterflies on Christmas Eve and waking up way before dawn.
I also remember when my parents split when I was in second grade, and how it felt to share my time. Splitting holidays and spending the day driving from house to house. I would always wake up Christmas morning to the excitement of new toys, and I had to leave them all behind half way through the day to go see my Dad. I remember missing my mom and feeling guilty for leaving her behind. It’s these harder feelings that has me sensitive to Landyn’s situation and paving the path a tiny bit different. I’ve been in her shoes and my heart aches for her. So I do what I do best, I protect her.

IMG_3858Landyn’s leg warmers: Ooh La Leggies 


I’m sure I’ll be back with some more Christmas spam before the season is over. I hope you are all healthy and well.



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  1. Looks like you guys are having a lot of wonderful holiday fun! I love the gingerbread house…


  2. These are times that she will remember. At the age where you can work on things together.
    God Bless and Have a Merry Christmas.

  3. She is so stylish! xo

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