a childhood home

Growing up, I always lived in a track community. I had a little backyard with a swing set and a playhouse. A pool was a luxury. I rode my bike around my cul-de-sac.  My best friend lived two doors up and we’d shout from our drive ways asking if the other could play. The neighbors were family. And to me, I had the whole world.



Living on 3 acres behind gates on a ranch style home is different. So awesome, but different. Sometimes when I’m sitting outside watching Landyn play, I’ll imagine myself as a kid doing life here. How might things be different? Might my imagination have been more wild? Might I had become more self sufficient? A little tougher? Would I have had to work a little harder to meet neighborhood friends? Would I be the same “me” I am today? I watch Landyn as she finds her groove here and think about all the memories she has ahead. The house where she rode a two wheeler for the first time. Where she fell and scrapped too many knees to count and climbed her first tree. Where she had birthday parties and her first sleepover. Where she had that family dynamic for the first time in her little life. As parents we dream big for our littles and want to give them every avenue of opportunity possible. I tell Josh all the time, “how lucky she is…how lucky WE are”.




Landyn’s leggings and necklace c/o Now Yours, bow c/o Aidies Hideaway

Will this be the place that she considers home? Will she look back and be flooded with happy memories like I do as a kid? She’s already doing life so differently than I did, and that is perfectly okay. We may have to drive into another neighborhood to do our trick or treating, venture outside the gates to meet friends, and drive 8 miles to a grocery store, but the open space makes it so worth it.

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  1. Her necklace is adorable. What a doll. My husband would love a place like yours. He wants lots of open space and “land”. But we live in Los Angeles and that just doesn’t happen much right in the heart of the city 🙂 every place has it’s pros and cons but it’s so nice she has so much space to roam and play!!

  2. She is living the best life – peace and tranquility with loads of imagination.

  3. I adored my tract housing neighborhood growing up too. And we have a tract home now too for our boys. But what you live in and provide for your family seems AMAZING. I am sure she enjoys every second!!!

    Gorgeous pictures, as always!!

  4. She has the biggest smile which shows she is a happy little girl. We lived in a little town where every one knew each other and at time that was great and other times people would stick their nose in to others business. But I would enjoy living where you live and I am sure she does too. Loved the pictures.

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