A snow day

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One of the many blessings that comes with motherhood, is the list of firsts you get to experience with your babies.

First steps. 

First words.

First haircut.

First time going on the potty. 

First day of school. 

First trip to Disneyland.

First time to the snow. 

We scratched that last one off our list this weekend, and boy did mother nature deliver.

The skies were blue and the ground blanketed with a thick layer of snow. The snow dusted pines and bare boned trees made for a breathtaking silhouette. We went with sleds in tow and intentions of big round snow mans, but it was simply being in it for the first time, trekking up hills, feeling that powdery snow between her fingers, that was memorable enough for her.

Going to the snow takes on a whole new meaning when kids are involved. Just when you think you are completely prepared, you fall short. I remembered sunscreen but somehow over looked gloves, so shortly after these photos were captured we made a run to the convenience store. Mom fail.

Why is everything so picturesque in snow?

This bundled, rosy cheek baby melts my heart.

We came. We saw. We conquered.

As parents, we are in charge of writing our childrens stories with each and everyday. Yesterday will eventually prove to be another experience filed away in her memory bank. It’s a bunch of little things like this, that eventually become big things that shape who we become. That there, makes it all worth it. Cold hands and all.

Have a great week!

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  1. Awwww……Lindsay she looks so so precious! I’m so glad he got to see and eat no doubt some snow:) my kids are lucky in that way but don’t get beach time! As soon as the the littlest is 2 or so I want to come to LA for a Disney trip:)

  2. so sweet and these pictures are so beautiful!

  3. Magical!!

  4. Ah, sweet baby girl! So much fun! Glad you girls got to do that!

  5. I am so happy she got to see and play in the snow. She looks like she is having fun and that is what it is all about.
    Well 2013 has not started out well. We had the furnace break down on Friday and can’t get someone to come out to fix it till Tuesday. Well it has been 25 to 38 degrees and now I have a cold. If I was a child this would be funny so I guess I need to smile, it is not like my house burned to the ground. So I must pray to God and thank Him for his blessings.

  6. mom fail…..freakin hiliar! Love that she loved it! And damn girl….look at those pics!!! AMAZING!!! love you!

  7. Hey, I don’t like snow much but these photos are stunning! 😀

  8. love these pictures. i
    your sweet girl is so precious and i am seriously jealous of that beautiful snow!
    such a fun first to have with her.

  9. so beautiful!!! she is just the cutest. hope you’re well friend! xo

  10. I’m so missing the snow here in VA this year (we only had a bit on christmas eve) and these photos are amazing! so glad you all got to enjoy it! thanks for linking up with us this week

  11. Your pictures are beautiful. and your words are what every mother loves to read.

    have a great weekend


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