Party Planning Tips with I Do Invitations by Michelle

I am so excited for today’s guest. She’s my go to party planner for all life’s special events.

This girls got it got it going on…

Meet Michelle Knox of I Do Invitations by Michelle.

Hi Lee La La readers! Michelle here with I DO invitations by michelle and I’m so excited to share with you some of my go-to fun party planning tips. I want to start out by saying that you most certainly do NOT have to go all out to make any party “special”. Yes, I love planning and styling parties b/c well, that’s what I do and I love nothing more than trying to be crafty and creative but Cami wouldn’t notice the difference if there was a dessert table or not. She just loves having all of her favorite people together in one room.

With that said, first things first, decide on a theme. (But not too early for kids parties!) I don’t know about you but my daughter changes her mind all the time so try not to plan too early but if there is a certain love for something that you know they won’t get sick of – you are usually pretty safe 🙂 Also, I’m all about having the child pick their party theme – I think it’s more personal and exciting for them! While I love unique and clever themes, I think it’s best to do something that is near and dear to their little hearts.

Second, use things that you already have. I have quite the party props stash going on it my basement (so don’t throw away things that can be reused!) but I use things from all over my house from picture frames to vases. I’m a big spray-painting fan so use things you have laying around and give them a spray of color and work some magic! I spray painted these funky stands holding up the trays seen here from Cami’s Curious George party and also spray painted dollar store trays and glass candlesticks to make cupcake stands for her Elmo party. Also – Target and Michael’s dollar aisles are AMAZING! They always have the perfect things to complete those favor/treat bags that won’t cost a fortune.

Lastly, I always enjoy finding a special birthday outfit for my daughter to wear – it makes her feel so special on her big day. So if you do nothing else, I always suggest a fun party outfit!
One of my favorite designers is *golden* – she creates the cutest tee’s to match ANY theme.

Thanks so much Lindsay for having me and hope you all are a little more inspired when you throw your next party!

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